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Mr. G's Round Hill LodgeThese were the days of “pre-Disco disco” or the "early Disco" days, when people still danced... together and began to dance alone. These were the days when we got off our “Pony” with a “Twist", to “Stroll” along and “Hitch Hike” our way to the sound-track of “Randy and The Rainbows”, Lesley Gore, Dusty Springfield and the Four Tops to the likes and sounds of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Honey Cone and the Undisputed Truth.

The 1960's were drifting away slowly and yet, still mingling with the 1970's that were rolling in. Vietnam was still in turmoil. The draft was being phased out but many of us still had the looming darkness of possibly receiving that letter... “Greeting: You are hereby ordered for induction into the Armed Forces of the United States...” In New York City, Greenwich Village, in a little bar called the “Stonewall Inn” a new revolution had taken place, opening the world to a new faction of global society: “Gay”. In a little town in the Catskill mountains of New York State, the musical rebellion of the “Woodstock Festival” had come, done and gone. The 1960's began the new rhythm and pace of society and the world and the 1970's were about to bring it all to ultimate heights.

With a shuffle-shuffle, kick-kick, turn-turn, kick, Van McCoy had us in a “Hustle” and it was “Too Late To Turn Back Now”. We were “Dancing In The Moonlight” wondering “Could It Be I'm Falling In Love”? Well the only thing to do was “Listen To The Music” on a “Midnight Train To Georgia” until “The Morning After” when it was obvious that “Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye”.

Dancing was a “Family Affair” and “Smarty Pants” took control of the crowd AND the dance floor sometimes proving that “One Monkey Don't Stop No Show”. “Get On The Good Foot” or not, “Smiling Faces Sometimes” just smile because, well, you either did a step or simply got out there for the “Rock Steady”. In between plays on the juke-box, sitting at a table in the dark, watching the others glide across the floor in a “Continental”, or line-up for a “Bus Stop”, THERE, in the dim light... “Zing Went The Strings (Of My Heart)”! It was “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” and a little voice, way down deep inside whispered “Why Can't We Live Together”? Well HEY! “Bump” me baby! Up off the chair, out onto the floor and maybe “I Can't Dance To That Music You're Playin'” but it looks like “I've Found Someone Of My Own” here! There's a place of “Love And Happiness” to be found. Just “Lean On Me” and “I'll Take You There”! “Think About It”... you may as well “Surrender” because, right now I do believe that I'm “Stone In Love With You” and before the next dollar disappears into that juke-box on the wall, we'll both be “Drowning In A Sea of Love”and believe me, “If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Wanna Be Right”.

The lights went out and the music stopped, 43 years ago now. But the memories live on, and in some minds and hearts, they're as vivid today as they were when the last person left and the brooms and mops came out to clean and prepare for the next night when many would return and new faces would join the mix. But to keep the memories alive, and to pass along a moment in the history of the world when life, although not always what we would think of as “perfect” was a damned-sight close to it, scroll the juke-box list below. If the spirit moves, get on up and move what you got. No matter how fast, slow, here or there, there might not be such a thing as “Starting All Over Again”, but there's no harm in re-starting a “Love Train”. Though many of us are “gone”, some of us, other than me, are probably still hanging on. For you who didn't know Mr. G's, I really am sorry. It was magnificent in its own manner, right and respect. But as you click through the music list, I'm sure you'll understand. And for those of you who DID get to know and be a part of Mr. G's, this is my dedication to you all, and as Al Green put it, my message to let you know “I'm Still In Love With You”.

If you know of any more music that used to play at “The Lodge”, or if I've put something on this list that never was on the juke-box, please let me know... Drop me a line, because for as long as there's a beat in my heart, those days will stay alive, the memories will live on and “I'll Be Around”.

Thank you all... alumni, Friends and "Family", and you "new" folks just as much, for coming here. Please, make yourselves at home... that's what George did for all the rest of us... back then.