Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge


Creating and maintaining a "page" (or, as it's referred to on Minds.com: a "channel") is, on its own, a some-what time-consuming endeavour if one truly wants to post content that will be of interest, and to keep it fresh, moving, alive. Those of us who do are very much aware of this, often with-out any acknowledgement or indication of appreciation. But, there are those who do support others, whose kindness of support, paritularly by way of "wiring" "Tokens" is so very encouraging that, often, a simple "Thank you" just isn't really sufficient.

When the "Mr. G's" channel was originally created, it/we enjoyed the benefit of receiving "Tokens" for the contributions, primarily of "music", to the channel, and for all of the appreciative "Up-Votes", comments, "Re-Minds" and such. Sadly, that privilege was removed shortly after and, in spite of efforts to have it re-instated, the channel remains prohibited, unable to participate. The only... ONLY means of acquiring any "Tokens" now is through the generousity of other Minds users who "Wire" what they can, when they can. Instead of G's being "awarded" tokens for our contributions and activities, other channel-owners give of what THEY are awarded for THEIR contributions and activities. Now THAT'S *GENEROSITY* and it's appreciated MUCH more than can be expressed in text.

In addition to my expression of gratitude posted on the G's channel, I want to acknowledge, here, ALL who give of their "Tokens", their time to "Wire", their kindness, compassion and support *AND* I encourage ALL who come to this page to click on the names listed, visit their channel and if you're a Minds subscriber, seriously consider "Subscribing" to these channels, suppoort them with your "Up-Votes", comments and such. Obviously they're wonderful people, magnificent human-beings, they've content to share with others, be it photographs, memes, paintings, sketches, prose, poetry, opinions, observations and SO much more.




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