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MrGsRoundHillNY has been silenced, "locked", "blocked" and "removed" from the Twitter and Facebook platforms.("BLOG" page: Post-date: 2 September 2018)
No specific cause or reason given by either, other than some "violation" of their "Terms of Service". But, it realy isn't a problem because, we, at G's, are a stoic bunch. Just like 20 January 1974, as the Main House rose in smoke and crumbled to the earth as ash, we, who loved G's then and continue to love it even today, found ways to keep together, gathering to enjoy each-other's company, to play, listen and dance to the music, to keep Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge alive and ever-in-motion. In keeping with that great tradition of survival, G's now has a new, open, free venue where EVERYBODY can communicate with-out the pre-1969 oppression of censorship, and all of the other archaic nonsense that many of us fought, in one way or another, to eliminate. Mr. G's is now open to all on a social media platform known as Minds! It's a bit like Facebook in that you can post just about limitless thoughts, paragraphs in fact, and images (photos, "memes") and videos! You can "subscribe" to an incredibly vast array of other accounts (or "channels", as they're known as), which are similar to the "friends" of Facebook or the "followers" of Twitter. And you have the opportunity to "block" those you wish to avoid. But most important, UN-like Facebook and Twitter, YOU control your own connections and correspondents, and you don't have to be concerned about having some complete stranger silencing your voice, cutting your connections with others, or alienating you from those you want to keep in touch with. It's very much the same as meeting that person you really don't want to be associated with, and you leave the room... NOT like Facebook and Twitter where, somebody walks in, calls the bouncer and has YOU removed. AND... Minds doesn't actually "monitor" your posts, un-like Facebook and Twitter. (I know it can be tedious, and very few people ever bother with it, but, honestly, reading their "Terms of Service" is really well worth the few moments it takes to read them at Minds. You'll probably be a little surprised, pleasantly, and comforted with what's to be found there so do, at least, give it a glance.)

This said, the old "WordPress" page of postings that used to be here, is removed. It's still on the blog, still active, for a while. But as it is with the old blog, it won't be checked very often. Work is being done to create a "Correspondence" page on-site here, but so far, the capabilities of Minds far exceed anything that we can come up with. So if you choose to, you can still go to the WordPress page and post there, but quite seriously, getting onto Minds is so quick, easy, simple AND there's SO MUCH MORE available to you there that it's suggested, recommended and encouraged that you pop over there, open your "channel" and post, post, post your comments, questions, introductions and the likes. I, your site-builder, have been using Minds for several years now, for a variety of reasons, and I can tell you honestly: Many are the evenings I sit with a drink, logged-in, and the hours pass, "chatting" (as it were) with some really brilliant folks, from ALL walks of life, from MANY different towns, villages, cities, states and countries.

So... Up in the right-hand corner are the links, the front door to the Main House. Click "View" to just read the on-going conversations (much like strolling in, getting your drink and roaming around, or standing on the side-lines) *OR* clikc "Join" and you'll be directed to the page where you can create your own account (called "channel") and you can introduce yourself, get into any and all the conversations that are already in progress (or you can still just "listen-in" if you prefer). But which-ever you prefer, know that you're always welcome, and your presence is cherished.

Come taste the wine,
Come hear the band.
Come blow your horn,
Start celebrating;
Right this way,
Your table's waiting!

*"Cabaret": 1966 music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb, and book by Joe Masteroff

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