Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge


The first page that sincerely and whole-heartedly welcomed you here.

A VERY limited history, primarily the notice of the fire on Sunday, 20 January 1974 at 11:30pm (23.30h)

Random thoughts on the place… as memories become more vivid… and fade.

A collection/list of links to some of the music from the juke box (that I can remember). If you know of modifications or additions, PLEASE contact me. I’ve been working on this for about 40 years now and it seems it will almost never end. ANY and ALL input is appreciated (by me, and I’m sure, others).

“Heavenly” (satellite) views of the location in perspective of the town, villages and surrounding area, as well as the property itself, with “commentaries”. If you've any photos of G's, ANY at all, and would care to have them posted here, PLEASE get in touch! It would be wonderful if this site would become the "Wiki" for G's and for all who still appreciate it.

It's said that the word "sojourner" means some-one who resides in a place, temporarily. Well, those of us who were at G's were, quite honestly, "in residence", even if it was for an evening of drinks, dancing, meeting, "etc.". Every-one at G's was, in some fashion, thought of as part of a large "Family", and as is always the case with "Family", good, bad or indifferent, we all had our "moments", but it was always good to be amongst kind and wonderful people who gathered together, as "Family" will for particular celebrations... only OUR "celebrations" happened some-what more frequently.
The "Sojourners" page is a place where you can leave a note. Say “Hi”. Leave a comment. Or maybe, tell somebody you’re “interested”. It’s a form, a “forum” where you can post your own comments here for others to see and read and reply to. If you post, maybe those of us who are “still around” can communicate and share memories and stories with each-other and the rest of the world. Connect. Re-connect. Re-unite. Breathe a little “Life” back into the place.

It was the 1970’s, Disco music was only just coming along, “DJ’s” were prying their way into the rule, realm and reign of the “juke-box”, we could dance and drink, laugh and cry for a night, a full day, a full week-end, and never lose a breath. Who of us ever thought it would ever end? If you were there, if you know of some-one who was, at G’s, and they’re no longer dancing on this Earth, please(?), feel free to remind us all. It’s said “the Internet is forever”. Well, obviously we’re not, but if the Internet is… one day, some-where, some-body will stumble here, some-how… and Mr. G’s will STILL “be”.

A direct way to contact me, as anonymously as you might wish (you can post your actual name or something you'd prefer, and for an e-mail, you can be anybody @ anywhere dot com). Say “Hi”. Ask questions. Provide your own insight. Recount your own memories. It’s ALL, with-out exception, warmly and whole-heartedly welcome. And YES, I AM a real people who actually DOES read correspondence and DOES reply. (In case you had any doubts about the matter.)

Here is where you are...
Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge
And SO SINCERELY... Thank you, for being here.


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