Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge


Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge...
At large, in exile, in the diaspora, yet very much, still alive...

Welcome back, with the warmest greeting that was always typical of Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge, formerly of Washingtonville, NY, now in residence in the great ether of the Universe. Welcome to the "Home" page, the turn-off from Route 208 onto the old dirt road between the stone walls that most people never really noticed, hidden in the trees, covered by the shrubs and ivy, barely visible in day-light and all but non-existent after sun-set.

The dream of many years has, at long last, become reality: Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge, will be remembered of its own accord and well-deserved honour. Surely, there are those who have both fond and melancholy memories of the place. But in life, there are never those who travel the journey with all stellar and brilliant moments in the course. Still, no matter, time at G's always provided comfort, protection, solace, joy and jubilation at some point, even if only for the 3 minutes and 42 seconds of a particular song on the juke box, there, against the wall, set on the black, well-worn dance floor. Dorothy Morrison belted "Clouds in the sky! Looks like it's gonna rain!" and Diana Ross followed with "I roll the dice, 7-11. You'll either take me down or you'll take me to Heaven, and I'm so glad, I took a chance on ya, baby!" Sooner or later, we were all winners... because we had "G's"... "The Lodge".

For me, personally, had G's not existed, had George, the owner, and all the staff not been so compassionate, empathetic... I can say, with no uncertainty, this page, these words, this site, would not be available to you today. I consider it and honour and privilege, in the highest order, to build and present this site now, and I hope that it provides many people with great memories, encourages all to participate, to keep G's alive by coming here to read, post, "listen to the music" and to tell others their stories.

Most importantly, please keep in mind that this site is built by a person, there's life behind these pages, pictures and words, and you're encouraged to participate, to comment, to communicate and to correspond. Get in touch, drop a line, post a note, ADD TO the site. Just as G's was open to all people then, "G's" here is as open to all. Yes, there are people behind all of this, and your stories, thoughts, ideas and all are appreciated and will be replied to.

"And though time goes by I will always be in a club with you in 1973."
"1973" by James Blunt

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(Note: This all began with a "blog" at "WordPress", but it's now independent. The blog will stay up and running for as long as possible, but more attention will be given to this site. Thank you... all so sincerely, for visiting either/or and both. Pass the word along: G's is - sort of - back. )


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